Program Disclaimer

Participants who registered in a program offered by the City of Battle Creek Parks and Recreation Department either by phone or mail agree to the following disclaimer for participation and photo. Participants who do not agree with the below disclaimer have 7 business days to withdraw from the program.

Disclaimer for Participation and Photo
In consideration of the acceptance of my entry fee, I the undersigned, for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs and assignees, do hereby release and discharge the City of Battle Creek and their officials and employees, other contributors and volunteers of all claims of damages, demands or actions whatsoever, in any matter arising or growing out of my or my child’s participation in the City of Battle Creek Parks and Recreation Department Programs, including travel to and from. Although care will be taken to provide a safe program, I acknowledge there are certain risks involved and agree to assume those risks.

I also understand that Parks and Recreation takes photos of participants that may be used for promotional, media and other purposes. I hereby give my permission to use my or my child’s likeness or photo to the City of Battle Creek.