Linear Park

The Battle Creek Linear Park offers unlimited recreational and educational opportunities. With more than 26 miles of paved pathway, the park is perfect for a brisk jog or leisurely stroll. The park is also a resource for learning more about the world around you as it features unique plant, animal, picnicing, playgrounds, fishing, historical and cultural points-of-interest.  

Begin Anywhere
Unlike some parks, the Linear Park has no admission charge and no "front gate." The Linear Park meanders throughout greater Battle Creek, and you can get "on the park" almost anywhere.

A Park That Does Circles Around The Rest
For the out-of-town visitors, perhaps the best place to get "on the park" is located across the bridge near Friendship Park in downtown Battle Creek. There you'll find plenty of free parking. LINEAR FUN IS FOR EVERYONE!

If it's a workout you're looking for, the Battle Creek Parks and Recreation Department has developed six "loops" to test your endurance. You'll end at the same place you began. 

  • The East Loop extends 6.9 miles.
  • The West Loop extends east for 6.6 miles.  
  • The Perimeter Loop takes you around 10.5 miles of the park.
  • The Fell Loop extends 1.3 miles.
  • The Spring Lake Loop extends 1.0 mile. 
  • The Riverside Loop extends 1.1 mile.

A Few Safety Reminders
To make your experience on the Linear Park more enjoyable, please follow these safety tips:
• No motor vehicles permitted.
• The Linear Park closes 1/2 hour after sunset.
• Keep all dogs on a leash.
• Stay to the right of the path so faster users can pass you safely.
• No speed cycling.
• Be careful crossing streets on the Linear Park.
• The Linear Park is handicapped accessible.
  1. Linear Park Map